Planning Your Success @ CSUSB
The following are important points for you to do/know. Download the full Advising/PAWS presentation in a PDF format here.

  1. Read the Catalog for your 'Catalog Year'

    Your 'catalog year' is when you began your studies at CSUSB or at a California Community College. Requirements change and if you would like to change your catalog year, go to your faculty advisor and request a memo be sent to the department chair.

  2. Activate your CSUSB Email

    All campus and professor emails will come to your CSUSB school account. Bring your university ID to the help desk in PL 22 to active your account.

  3. Declare your Major and Plan

    There are five plans to choose from. Declare your major and plan in the Records office.

  4. Faculty Advisors

    All art majors are assigned an art faculty advisor. Go to this advisor for questions about your schedule, requirements, course substitutions, career counseling or any problems regarding your academic studies. All faculty are happy to help you, but your faculty advisor will have the most pertinent information about your plan of study. Unsure who your advisor is? Come to the art office in VA 105 or call 909-537-5802.

    Additional advising: Halima Ladbon, CAL Advising: Peer Advisors, 909-537-5121 or email:

  5. Review your Paws Report

    Review your PAWS report quarterly. Check your grades and track your progress towards graduation and make sure you are taking the classes, both GE and Art Plan, that you need to graduate. Transfer students check to see that the classes you've transferred are being substituted for required CSUSB courses. If not, see your advisor and file a course substitution form.

    COURSE SUBSTITUTION or WAIVER: Art Faculty advisors can request a course substitution or waiver if a course you need to graduate is not offered OR if you already took a class at a community college that has the same content as one you are required to take. Look at the section of your report that lists unused classes- those that have not been used to fulfill requirements. See your Art Faculty advisor and they will decide if it is relevant and will send a request

  6. NOTE: The Art Department can only request substitutions or waivers for art courses, not general education classes. To request a GE waiver or substitution, go to Academic Services and Advising (UH-380).

  7. Create a Roadmap to Graduation

    UNITS for GRADUATION: You need 180 units to graduate: 78 - 82 units of GEs and 82 - 92 Art units, depending on which plan you're in. Free electives make up the remaining units to reach 180. You must have at least 60 upper-division units to graduate and must complete at least 45 units at this university.

    TAKE COURSES IN ORDER. Common sense dictates that you take your courses in sequence beginning with lower-division (100-200) courses before your upper-division courses (300 and above). IMPORTANT NOTE: Some required courses are offered every quarter while others are only offered once a year or even less often. It is your responsibility to arrange your schedule so that you can take these required courses when they are offered. Check the attached list of course offerings to see when they are usually offered.

    PREREQUISITES: Many classes have prerequisites. The course description in the catalog states what prerequisites are required for each class. MyCoyote typically will not let you register for a course unless you have the prerequisite, so plan your schedule carefully. Courses with prerequisites or "consent of instructor" provide the option of letting you in a class with the instructor's signature on an ADD/DROP slip, but you will still need to take the prerequisite if it is a requirement for the major.

    REQUIRED ART HISTORY COURSES: All Art majors are required to take the three lower division Art History courses. Each is offered only once a year: Art 221 (Fall only), Art 222 (Winter only) and Art 223 (Spring only).

  8. The Year You Plan on Graduating

    Check your PAWS report quarterly to make sure you are on schedule. Majors in Plans I, II, III, and IV must take Art 415, which is only offered in the Winter and majors in Plans I, II, and III must take Art 416 which is offered in the Fall and Spring only.

    You must request a graduation requirement check at the Office of Records, Registration and Evaluation two quarters PRIOR to the one you expect to graduate. Doing so later with result in a $15 late fee. Do not request the check until you have accumulated 144 quarter units towards your degree (GE's and Art classes), which may include work in progress. You must pay for and file the graduation check by the deadlines established for each quarter and published in the Class Schedule.