Plan I (Visual Studies)

Visual Studies is a series of courses that engage students in critical thinking with an emphasis on the ways that social, cultural, and economic forces impact access to and understanding of art historically and in the present day. Depending on their interests and career goals, students choose between three emphases: a) Art Education/Art Therapy, b) Art History and Criticism, and c) Public Practice. Courses offer dynamic learning environments where students actively participate in a variety of projects including individual and collaborative presentations, fieldwork and teaching in the community, visual and written responses to texts, and internships in the student's field of choice. Students will be empowered to think, visualize, create, examine, communicate, and articulate their ideas. Plan 1 prepares students to cultivate careers in contemporary art, whether innovating a new art publication, community-arts program, or exhibition site, developing an interdisciplinary practice, curating thought-provoking exhibitions, or pursuing graduate study in Art Education, Art History, Art Therapy, or Public Practice.