The Department of Art offers both undergraduate and graduate level courses.

Undergraduate courses are organized under the following five plans. Visual Studies (Plan I) is a new interdisciplinary plan with an emphasis on exploring intersections between art and the public historically and in the present. Studio Art (Plan II) offers a broad array of classes categorized under Two Dimensional Pictorial and Photographic Arts, Three Dimensional Spatial Arts and Digital Arts so that students may work in an inter-disciplinary mode or choose an emphasis. Art History, through both survey and thematic courses, offers the student an understanding of art's development through the ages and around the globe. In Graphic Design, students are prepared to participate in the ever-changing design field, both in print and on the web. The Graphic Design and Marketing plan has additional courses in business communications and public relations.

The Graduate programs provide rigorous study for students with a strong direction and focus in art and/or design and a high level of technical proficiency. The program provides advanced study and practice in preparation for professional careers in studio art and design or teaching in higher education. Graduates will be prepared to take their places in the visual arts community and make significant contributions to our visual culture. The program focuses on creative studio work, supplemented by art history and theory, professional and critical writing, graduate studio critiques, studio electives, professional development and independent study.